Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Birch Fabric's Inspiration

My Inspiration

I want to share with you a new magazine, Stitch Craft Create, that I find to be wonderfully inspiring.  People often ask me what inspires me and as an artist (because I'll always be an artist first and a business woman second) being inspired is a constant state of mind for me.  It might be something I see in my child's drawing, a new designer collection or, often for me, nature and its unwavering beauty...Oooo or one of those fabulous Japanese designers I so covet. 

Today though I found Stitch Craft Create inspiring.  The magazine is full of super projects  in a welcoming order of craft, sewing and mixed medium projects. 

I was of course drawn to the fabric projects...big surprise for all of you I am sure.  Look at this Advent Calendar...how sweet.  I love the vibrancy of the green felt but wouldn't this be gorgeous in fabric too? 
Their photography is super and the layout is inviting.  This is the spread leading into the fabric project section...are you inspired?  I was.

And this is my favorite project...LOOK at these Christmas trees.   If someone will make these for me I'll send you the fabric...I think I must have them.
This premier issue is holiday themed, which makes it especially luscious and vibrant...a wonderful treat as we head into the long Thanksgiving weekend.

Here is a LINK to their website too...they have some great tutorials on their site

I say "Welcome" Stich Craft Create and thank you for such an inspiring first issue...I can't wait for the next one.


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