Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Build A Room Around Robotic by Rebekah Ginda

What little boy wouldn't be thrilled to pieces to have a "Robotic" room?  Rebekah Ginda's Robotic collection for Birch Fabrics Organic is the perfect collection for such Robot loving boys and girls alike!

1. Robot Clock by SayHelloShop on Etsy  2. Jenny Lind Bed in Azure from Land Of Nod  3.  Cover an old duvet in Space Bots From Robotic Collection  4. Recover A Lamp Shade in Invasion from Robotic Collection  5. Mid Century Dining Chair in Orange from FurnitureCMYK.com  6. Recover Throw Pillows in Zoom Teal  7. Recover Throw Pillows in The Library  8. Make A Quilt From Lunden Designs' Star System Quilt Pattern and Robotic Fabrics

We've gathered some of our favorite pieces, to give you a glance at what an awesome option Robotic can be for the modern nursery or child's bedroom. 

And don't forget about these fabrics from Robotic too.  These cute bots are busy at work and full or curiosity, just like our little ones.  Spend some time in the lab with Robotic!

Robotic is set to ship to retailers beginning March 18th!  

Shops can place their orders now by emailing us at info@birchfabrics.com


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  2. I love your fabric! I hope it comes to the shops in San Francisco's Bay Area! I'll keep my eyes open for it. So cute!